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Lindemann-Matthies, P., Remmele, M. & Yli-Panula, E. (2017). Professional competence of student teachers to implement species identification in schools – a case study from Germany, CEPS Journal, 7(1), 29-47.

This study investigates how well prepared student teachers are to implement species identification in school. Data were collected with the help of a questionnaire and a PowerPoint presentation in which local plant and animal species were presented. Participants (n = 357) correctly identified, on average, 23% of the plants and 44% of the animals. They identified plants mainly by flower characteristics and leaves, and animals mainly by shape and colour. Family and school were key sources of partic

Art der Begutachtung: Peer Review(Double-blind peer review)
Print: Ja
Online: Ja, mit Open Access aber ohne CC-Lizenz
Datenmedium: Nein