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Lindemann-Matthies, P., Constantinou, C., Junge , X., Köhler, K., Mayer, J., Nagel , U., Raper, G., Schüle, D. & Kadji-Beltran, C. (2009). The integration of biodiversity education in the initial education of primary school teachers: four comparative case studies from Europe, Environmental Education Research, 15, 17-37.


In this article, we present results from an international research study on biodiversity education in pre-service education of primary school teachers. The study was carried out between 2004-2006 in four teacher education institutions in Cyprus, England, Switzerland, and Germany. We used document analyses and in-depth interviews with 27 teacher educators and 22 student teachers to examine the integration of biodiversity into the pre-service teacher education programmes, and the student teachers&

Art der Begutachtung: Peer Review(Double-blind peer review)
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