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Schlomske-Bodenstein, N. & Standl, B. (2021). Identifying and Implementing Digital Teaching-Learning-Scenarios in Pre-Service Teacher Education, EARLI Online.


Identifying digital teaching-learning-scenarios and their impact on learning is of special interest from the pedagogical-psychological point of view. The study in this presentation focuses on the development and validation of an expert-based taxonomy which was developed in order to store, and thus make available, best-practice-examples of digital supported teaching for a wide range of teachers. Secondly, we tested to what degree the taxonomy serves as a conceptual structure for a database, in order to systematically analyze and identify teaching patterns by means of an existing approach from the emerging field of digital humanities. The design, methods, and initial results are presented. Finally, implications of the study for developing innovative teaching-learning-scenarios will be discussed.

Art der Begutachtung: Peer Review(Double-blind peer review)
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Online: Ja, mit Open Access aber ohne CC-Lizenz
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