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Lindemann-Matthies, P., Heber, E. & Remmele, M. (2024). Find the plant – an educational game fosters plant species literacy, Sustainability, 16(11).


Plants play a key role in achieving the UN Sustainable Development Goals which calls for 11 a plant-aware and plant knowledgeable public. This study investigated whether a non-digital educational game supplementary to a lecture on plant diversity can foster plant species literacy in stu-13 dent teachers of biology and environmental science students (n = 78). The overall 100 species of the 14 lecture were displayed on playing cards together with their scientific names, plant families and 15 symbols for further information. Two players alternately had to find out which plant their opponent 16 had in hand by asking yes/no-questions about possible characteristics of the species. Participation 17 in the game was voluntary and took place in students᾿ free time. Before the game, interest in plants 18 was moderately high and perceived competence to recognize plants low. Students enjoyed playing 19 the game and increased their interest in plants, their perceived competence to identify plants by 20 species-specific morphological characteristics, and their actual plant species knowledge as shown 21 by an identification test on campus. A combination of lecture and accompanying game can thus be 22 recommended to promote plant species literacy in higher education.

Art der Begutachtung: Peer Review(Double-blind peer review)
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