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Extended Telecollaboration Practice (ETP)
Status:aktuell laufendes Vorhaben
Kurzinhalt:Extended Telecollaboration Practice in Teacher Education: Towards Pluricultural and Plurilingual Proficiency

ETP is an ongoing virtual exchange and mixed methods research project which takes place since 2015 between pre-service teachers of English as an International Language (EIL), studying in their respective institutions in Israel and Germany. Both partners in this collaboration come from countries where the need for a culturally relevant pedagogy is acutely felt as linguistic and ethnic diversity are a daily challenge for school teachers.

So far we have conducted five exchanges between Israeli and German student teachers at either primary or secondary level: winter term 2015/2016 - winter term 2019/2020.

Ergebnis:Analysis of qualitative and quantitative research data collected from 150 participants shows that participation in the telecollaboration has empowered them to learn together, share difficulties and successes and produce joint products that acknowledge diversity. It has helped them to develop culture-sensitive pedagogy that meets needs associated with cultural differences. Additionally, through experiential learning their self-efficacy is raised in terms of creating and implementing intercultural telecollaborations with their prospective pupils.

Participants were evaluated pre and post course by means of a Likert-type scale self-report questionnaire. T-tests revealed a significant difference in only one aspect of the questionnaire. Similarly, conflicting evidence emerged from the qualitative data sets indicating that participants tended to overrate their competences. Findings revealed that only half of the participants were able to apply their perceived expertise to material and task design for prospective pupil populations.
Projektdauer:20.10.2015 bis 16.03.2021
Prof. Dr. Schwab, Götz (Leitung) [',Profil,']
Drixler, Nils (Leitung) [',Profil,']

In Zusammenarbeit mit:Dr. Tina Waldman,
Dr. Efrat Harel,
Kibbutzim College of Education, Technology and the Arts, Tel Aviv, Israel.
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