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Mesquita‐Joanes, F., Aguilar‐Alberola, J. A., Baldry, , D., Balkis, H., Ellis, A., Gil‐Delgado, J. A., Grabow, K., Klobučar, G., Kouba, A., Maguire, I., Martens, A., Mülayim, A., Rueda, J., Scharf, B., Soes, M., Monrós, J. S. & Mestre, A. (2013). Invasion biology in non‐free‐living species: interactions between abiotic (climatic) and biotic (host availability) factors in geographical space in crayfish commensals (Ostracoda, Entocytheridae), Ecology and Evolution, 3, 5237-5253.

Art der Begutachtung: Peer Review
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